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Oct 2018   WhitesNathan joined S.O.A.R. in August 2012, completed his A&P certification in June 2015 and received an IA in August 2018. He and Kayla were married in September 2015. Their daughter, Nora was born in August 2017 and they are expecting another baby in November 2018. Nathan and Kayla are currently in the application process with a mission organization.





Oct 2018   HolcombsFred joined S.O.A.R. in December 2013 and completed his A&P in September 2016. Fred has completed his Instrument Rating, Commercial License & Commercial Seaplane License. Fred and his family have been accepted with Samaritan Aviation, a missions organization serving in Papua New Guinea, and are currently raising the additional financial support needed to begin work there. They hope to move to PNG in January 2019. Fred and his wife, Lydia, have 5 boys.