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Kevin and AJ BeaverS.O.A.R. is operating a mission aviation training program at the Bolivar Municipal Airport (M17). These days, the high cost of education and aviation-based training has made it very difficult for many who wish to serve full-time in the mission field as a mission pilot and/or mechanic to get the required training and experience without incurring such a significant debt load that it becomes a disqualifying factor in their desire to serve. S.O.A.R. was started by following a desire to seek God's direction to combine a public-facing business as the FBO at the Bolivar Airport with the ministry-side of mission aviation training to serve the public in a way that can provide the needed experience for our students, yet help offset the high cost of training.

In addition to our core training program which consists of a 30 month A&P apprenticeship and a minimum of ten hours of flight time per month for our mainstream students, S.O.A.R. also looks for ways to help other missionaries and missions take advantage of aviation within their own ministries. This typically is a much shorter term project, like helping someone get current with their Pilot or Mechanic experience to be used in other parts of the world.

Whatever the case may be S.O.A.R. is working hard to meet three primary objectives for our students:

  • Provide low-cost training to keep our students from incurring debt while getting the necessary experience and ratings
  • Shorten the overall time to get to the field by using experience-based training
  • Helping our students begin to raise their support while part of our program to help prepare them to serve once their educational and experience requirements are met