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Oct 2018   Dunns Kevin and Pam Dunn joined SOAR April 1, 2016. Kevin is SOAR's first Director of Operations and oversees the apprentices in the maintenance shop. Before they came to SOAR, Kevin served with UIM Aviation in Tucson, AZ as Director of Operations for 7 years. Prior to that, Kevin, Pam and their 4 children served with Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW) in Honduras for 11 years where Kevin served as a pilot/mechanic flying a Helio Courier..


Kerrick and ConnieKerrick and Connie Tweedy founded SOAR in October of 2011. Kerrick serves as the Executive Director and Connie serves on the Executive Staff and is responsible for media, event planning, marketing and various other responsibilities. Kerrick and Connie have 3 children.



Oct 2018   HolcombsFred joined SOAR in December 2013 and completed his A&P in September 2016. Fred has since completed his Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Commercial Seaplane and Certified Flight Instructor. Since completing his flight and maintaenance training, while they continue to seek God's leading for a mission sending agency, Fred, Lydia and family are faithfully serving with SOAR. A majority of Fred's time is spent serving as a certified flight instuctor to SOAR's other mission candidats as well as our FBO flight customers.