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Nathan joined S.O.A.R. in August 2012 and completed his A&P in June 2015 certification and continues his flight training. Nathan and Kayla are seeking God's direction for full-time service with a mission aviation organization.

Nathan and Kayla were married in September 2015.


Fred joined S.O.A.R. in November 2013 and completed his A&P in October 2016. Fred continues flight training and is in final stages of his Instrument and working towards his Commercial requirements. Fred and Lydia are in discussions with a missions organization serving in PNG.

Fred and his wife, Lydia, have five children.


Lance joined S.O.A.R. in May 2017. Lance is about 1/3 of the way thorugh his A&P apprenticeship and has started his Private Pilot training.

Lance and Caitlin were married in June 2016.