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SOAR provides aircraft for rental both for student pilots involved in training as well as for certificated pilots who are looking for aircraft to rent for local flights or overnight trips.


SOAR Planes

N3017ASOAR has a Cessna 170B available for tailwheel endorsements and for rent with a qualified renter. The 170B is a very solid and affordable tailwheel training platform.

Current Rental Rate: $125.00 per hour "wet" (plus tax)

N182MSOAR offers a 1963 Cessna 182G for rent. The 182 is IFR Certified.

Current Rental Rate: $160.00 per hour "wet" (plus tax)


N737GJSOAR has a 1979 Cessna 172N available for training. This aircraft has been updated to 180HP and also includes STOL modifications. The aircraft is IFR Certified and has a Garmin GTN650

Current Rental Rate: $125.00 per hour "wet" (plus tax)


Elite PI-135 SimulatorSOAR has an FAA Certified Elite PI-135 Flight Simulator available for instrument training. The simulator includes a full instrument panel with touch screen Garmin 750/650 or 530/430 and DME and also includes a throttle quadrant and complex configuration to maximize your training experience.

Current Rental Rate: $25.00 per hour (plus tax)