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Bailey George

Bailey joined SOAR in May 2022 to begin his flight training and to gain maintenance experience in the aircraft maintenance shop. Born and raised in South Carolina, Bailey grew up wanting to fly for as long as he can remember. While in college, he was challenged by friends and family to pursue missions and aviation together. Bailey earned his A&P while attending Greenville Technical College. With his flight training and maintenance experience, he plans to work as a pilot and/or maintenance specialist on the mission field.

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Josh & Bethany Hamilton

Josh joined SOAR in February 2021 and has completed his A&P License. When Josh learned that aviation mechanics play a direct role in helping missionaries reach unreached people groups with the Gospel, he began to pursue Missionary Aviation and was led to SOAR. Josh and Bethany were married in 2024. Josh continues to build his maintenance skills and plans to serve as a maintenance specialist.

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Madeline Hooks

Madeline is serving at SOAR as an A&P apprentice and a flight instructor. She developed an interest in aviation as a child raised in Indiana. While at Bible College, God opened her eyes to the great need for pilots in missionary aviation. She completed her flight certifications before arriving at SOAR and is a Certified Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII).

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Penner Family


Dustin & Sarah Penner

Dustin and Sarah were married in 2015 and have four children: Jed, Ellie, Annie and Moses. After becoming aware of Unreached People Groups they began equipping themselves for ministry by attending Ethnos360 Bible Institute. While there, they learned about the need for pilots and mechanics to assist Church Planting and Bible Translation in hard to reach, isolated places. They are joining SOAR for Dustin to become a pilot/mechanic to serve among the Unreached.

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Skyler Redding      

Skyler & Nicki Redding

Skyler and Nicki joined SOAR in September 2023 to begin their preparation for serving in missionary aviation. He was raised in Iowa and always knew the importance of missions. While attending Ethnos360 Bible Institute, God put it on his heart to pursue mission aviation. Skyler and Nicki met while at the Bible Institute and they were married in March of 2023. Skyler is training to earn both his A&P and his pilot’s license.

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