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JDunn       Called to missionary aviation in the fall of 2015, Jeremy and Blinda Dunn were accepted to Ethnos360 Aviation as a maintenance specialist family in January of 2017. In the fall of 2017, Jeremy and Blinda began serving at SOAR. While at SOAR, Jeremy was able to get more experience as the lead mechanic in the maintenance shop and build relationships with new donors. In August of 2018, Jeremy and Blinda started the training process with Ethnos360. In the Spring of 2021, Jeremy and Blinda began serving in Papua New Guinea.
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White       Nathan joined SOAR in August 2012, completed his A&P certification in June 2015 and received his IA in August 2018. Nathan recently received his Commercial Pilot Certificate and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating. Nathan, Kayla, and family have been accepted with UIM Aviation. Nathan and Kayla moved to Tucson, AZ to begin their next steps with UIM Aviation.
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Rensberger       Lance joined SOAR in May 2016 and completed his A&P certification in January 2019. Lance and Caitlin completed training at the Missionary Training Center and are now in McNeal, Arizona with Ethnos360 Aviation. While they await their assigned country of service, Lance is receiving specialized training on the aircraft used by Ethnos360.
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In May of 2020, Fred and Lydia Holcomb, and their five boys, moved from Bolivar, Missouri to Soldotna, Alaska to begin serving with Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC).  MARC’s goal, “Giving Wings to Alaskan Missions,” is focused on expanding the reach of the Gospel across the vast state.  MARC flies people and supplies where there are no roads, supports missionaries and pastors serving in isolated communities, trains mission-minded pilots and mechanics, provides public flight instruction and aircraft maintenance, and runs the FBO to help fund their mission flights. At MARC, Fred is putting his SOAR training to use, serving through flight instruction and aircraft maintenance. During Fred’s training at SOAR, he received his A&P, Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, Commercial Seaplane, and Certified Flight Instructor. In addition to aviation ministry, the family is very involved in their local church and with a community ministry to men and women in addiction recovery.

Fred and Lydia praise God for how He used SOAR to train Fred in flight and aircraft maintenance, while simultaneously raising prayer and financial support; this allowed for the family to be fully funded and debt-free when they received the invitation to join MARC.

“The Lord provided a way, through SOAR, to make an IMPACT and pave the runway for our family’s prompt departure to serve on the field, when the door opened!”

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