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Kerrick and Connie       Kerrick and Connie Tweedy founded SOAR in October 2011. After a 26-year career in insurance software development, the Lord provided a clear plan to Kerrick and Connie to begin a new ministry preparing missionary candidates to serve fulltime in missionary aviation. This plan implemented a new financial model to avoid debt which was taking time out of missionary candidates progressing from training to the mission field. Kerrick serves as the Executive Director of SOAR and is the Secretary of the IAMA Board of Directors where he has served for 7 years. Connie serves on the Executive Staff of SOAR and is responsible for media, event planning, marketing and various other responsibilities. Kerrick and Connie have three grown children and five grandsons.
Oct 2018   Dunns       Kevin and Pam joined SOAR in April 2016. Kevin is the Director of Operations and Pam is the Office Manager. Kevin and Pam have served as missionaries since August of 1992. They ministered in Honduras for almost 11 years flying and maintaining a Helio Courier. They lived with their four children in LaCeiba, Honduras. God lead them to UIM Aviation in Tucson, Arizona in 2008 where Kevin served as the Director of Operations. Kevin’s duties included flight and maintenance responsibilities along with his administrative role. Kevin served with the IAMA board for nine years. Kevin is a Certified Flight Instructor and Aircraft Mechanic/Inspector. Kevin and Pam have four grown children and five grandchildren.
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Whittington       Seth and Deb Whittington have lived in the Ozarks for most of their lives. They have two daughters, Isabella and Jordis. They serve regularly at their home church and have a heart to see and encourage people to live sent. They joined SOAR in January 2021 as fulltime staff members. Seth’s primary role will be in the flight training department and Deb will be assisting and supporting with her marketing and graphic design knowledge wherever needed.
Seth’s passion for aviation started at a young age when flying with his father and mother who are both pilots. They, along with his grandfather, gave him a love for all things aviation. God has given Seth a passion for teaching combined with his love of aviation and fueled by a desire to see unreached peoples reached.
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